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The Yorkshire Coast


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Robin Hood's Bay

Robin Hood's Bay Robin Hood's Bay
Some more views of Robin Hood's Bay

Robin Hood's Bay is a coastal bay and picturesque fishing village (often referred to as "Bay Town" to differentiate from the bay itself) which is situated between Whitby and Scarborough on the Yorkshire Coast.

The fishing village takes its name from the bay on which it is situated, though any association with the popular folk hero of Robin Hood remains shrouded in mystery. Robin Hood's Bay does, however, have historical links with smuggling and there are recorded instances of skirmishes which took place between the authorities and local smugglers pursuing their illicit trade.

Today tourism is the main industry and besides holidaymakers and day trippers the village also attracts ramblers - being the final place visited on Wainwright's famous west to east Coast to Coast walk.

At the south end of the bay lies Ravenscar - a failed attempt to create a 19th century coastal resort to rival the likes of Scarborough.

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